Processing Times

Below are links to the current immigration processing times for visa applications as submitted to:

The USCIS’ four Service Centers (California, Nebraska, Texas, and Vermont), the National Benefits Center, and the USCIS’ various field offices.
The USCIS’ Administrative Appeals Office page and the AAO’s Processing Times.
The Department of Labor’s Official PERM Processing Times.
The Department of State’s Visa Wait Times page.


Management Consultant TN Visa: Be Careful!

The Management Consultant TN Visa is a very popular visa for workers coming into the United States, but it’s also one of the EASIEST visas to get wrong in the paperwork. The Law Offices of Marla Schechter has extensive experience in TN Visas, especially for management consultants, and in this video Marla Schechter shares a few words of warning about some the pitfalls to avoid when applying for the Management Consultant TN Visa.

H-1B Visa – You Probably Need One, So Learn The Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of applying for and getting the H-1B from immigration expert, Marla Schechter.

The L Visa: A Great Non-Immigrant Work Visa

Marla Schechter, an experienced US Immigration attorney, gives an overview of the non-immigrant L-1A and L-1B work visas.

New Office in the US? Tips on Getting an L-1 or E-2 Visa

Everything you need to know about expanding your foreign business into the US, opening your new office, and getting your L-1 or E-2 visa, presented by expert immigration lawyer Marla E. Schechter.

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