The Management Consultant TN – The Most Versatile TN Category

While Management Consultant TN status is most often associated with consulting in the realm of business operations, marketing, or finance, this status is far more flexible than most people are aware.  In fact, I have assisted Canadians in dozens of specializations and in multiple different industries obtain their Management Consultant TN’s.  Additionally, although many U.S. employers prefer candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field for these positions, many more prefer candidates with multiple years of experience in their fields, even when they don’t possess a degree.

With properly prepared paperwork, one can potentially obtain a TN for ANY field of expertise, with either a relevant degree or as little as five years’ of related work experience.  So, if you have been hired by a U.S. employer to point out what they or their clients are doing wrong and how to fix it, you too can be a Management Consultant.

The following are examples of applicants for whom I have helped obtain TN’s in the Management Consultant category:

  • An applicant with degree but with safety industry experience to work on large construction sites advising site managers when a project was unsafe and how to make it safer;
  • An applicant with no degree but work experience as a horse groomer to consult for a company which manufactured horse equipment;
  • An applicant with experience in the metal finishing business but no degree to advise a U.S. employer in the same industry on how to best revamp its operations and cut waste;
  • An applicant with automotive industry experience but no degree to consult for an employer in the auto industry;
  • Several applicants in the restaurant industry with no degrees but experience working in restaurant operations to advise US employers in related food service businesses;
  • Dozens of applicants in the tech field without degrees help U.S. companies determine which software or hardware would best serve their needs, or even design and recommend software systems to improve operations.

How We Can Help You

Schechter Immigration Law is skilled in preparing TN Management Consultant petitions encompassing a wide variety of industries. We take pride in our track record of successes in these cases. An attorney is available to consult with both employers and potential employees to discuss their options and responsibilities.

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