As a U.S. lawyer who was based in Toronto, Canada for 10 years, I have prepared the paperwork on many, many TN visa petitions, particularly in the management consultant category.  Canadians seeking to work in the U.S. as management consultants frequently enlist the services of experienced TN lawyers because the management consultant category is the most heavily scrutinized TN category. This is because this is the only category which does not specifically require a bachelor degree or two-year diploma.  One can qualify for a management consultant TN based solely on a minimum of five years documented work experience.  Thus, many applicants seek to use the management consultant category because they fail to qualify for any other category.

Many Canadians also attempt to use this category because they don’t understand the type of work permitted under a management consultant TN.  A Management Consultant TN visa is appropriate for someone coming to the U.S. to advise or consult with management on how to improve a business’s operations in some way so that the bottom line is positively affected, be it through sales and marketing efforts, information systems advice, financial or operational advice, etc.  A management consultant can have almost any background as long as the paperwork shows how this expertise is relevant to the U.S. business and what it is hoping to achieve.

The key documents submitted with respect to Management Consultant TN applications include:  (1) a letter signed by the U.S. employer detailing the employer’s background and an explanation of the company’s need for a consultant as well as the job duties of the consultant, (2) a detailed resume and (3) reference letters from previous employers describing the applicant’s work experience, particularly as relevant to the jobs at issue in the current petition.

Due to the complexity of Management Consultant petitions and difficulty in securing their approval, we recommend you only call an experienced TN visa lawyer to handle this visa for you.  You are welcome to call me for a free case evaluation.

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